Here is the process for obtaining a structured settlement:

  1.  Choose a specific structured settlement from our list of settlements or contact us and provide us with your criteria and we will search until we find one that is perfect for you.
  2. Place funds on deposit until your structured settlement is ready to close.
  3. Once we have a closing date you will be required to submit the remainder of the payment.
  4. We will coordinate with the attorney(s) and verify all of your required information is submitted directly to the courts so that you go on the court records as owner of the particular structured settlement you are purchasing.

4b.  OR you have the ability to work with the attorney directly who will keep you updated throughout the entire process. (*Additional fee may be required)

5.  Once your structured settlement is officially closed, within approximately 1 week you will receive a closing binder with a copy of the court documents, sales receipt, and amortization schedule for your structured settlement.  We also include a DVD with all this information as well for you to keep with your records.