Why Haven’t I Heard Of These Before Now If They Are So Safe And Secure?

This answer is actually easy to explain.  It’s because financial institutions such as banks, Investment firms, and other institutions have been purchasing all the inventory, leaving none for retail investors like yourself.  Within the last few years they have been made available for the retail market.


How Long Have Structured Settlements Been Around?

Structured Settlements as an institutional investment have been around for many decades.  They are a very effective means of court awards for accident victims. Since the United States ranks #1 for lawsuits, they will be around for a very long time.


What Happens To The Structured Settlement Payments If The Underlying Life Insurance Company Defaults?

All life insurance companies have government insurance in every state through the Guaranty Association.  Each state has its own limits which you can find here:



What Happens If I Invest And The Structured Settlement Does Not Go Through?

If the Judge does not approve the structured settlement you wished to purchase, you will simply receive a refund of your deposit or payment, or you can elect to choose another structured settlement that fits your situation.  There is no risk to your investment in this situation as the funds are held in an FDIC insured escrow account.


Will I Know The Name Of The Insurance Company That Is Issuing The Payments?

All structured settlements we work with are issued by large highly rated insurance companies.  If you have not heard of a particular company, we can certainly furnish you with the high ratings and financials as there are hundreds of very successful insurance companies out there.


Can I Sell My Structured Settlement In The Future If I Do Not Wish To Keep It?

Yes. Many structured settlements we sell are very short term in nature, so there may not be a need for you to sell.  We are purchasing longer term structured settlements for our clients with the intent to  keep for the entire payout period.  However, in the event you need to sell, we can market to our client base or you certainly have the ability to re-sell on the open market.  In this event, your sale value would depend on current interest rates as well as what the net present value is at that time.  Somewhat similar to selling a bond.


Will The Payments Be Coming To Me Directly?

Yes and No.  The payments will come to you directly if you are listed on the court documents to receive payments.  If a servicing company or trust has already purchased your structured settlement, payments would simply come from that servicing company or trust.  You will still be irrevocably assigned all the cash flow that you purchased making you the sole owner of the cash flow or structured settlement payment(s).


Once I Start Receiving Payments How Am I Taxed?

Structured settlements do not have 1099’s issued at the end of the year, so you will not be receiving one.  You are obligated to pay your taxes accordingly and will receive a cash flow or amortization schedule that you can simply provide to your tax consultant.  We do not provide tax advice, so you should seek consultation through your tax advisor. Please read about flipkart method.


How Long Have We Been In Business?

We have actually been working with structured settlements since the day they were made available to individual investors which was about 3 years ago.  We work with dozens of structured settlement companies and we feel we have access to the largest amount of inventory to help get you what fits your situation best. Keep in mind your funds are never invested directly with us, but always with a top rated insurance company.


I Have A Question That Is Not On Here?

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